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July 2006

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Editor or team? From the Editor
By Viv Robins
Well it looks as if summer has finally arrived, with those long sunny days that lift the spirits: what else could possibly account for the fact that no-one has found anything to moan about this month?

Instead it appears many of our contributors have been channelling their energies into such healthy open-air pursuits as walking, cricket, cycling and Morris-dancing – while youngsters have been making good use of the much-praised new additions to the playground. Prospects for the remainder of the summer include the Flower Show, the annual bike ride around local churches and the ever-popular Art Workshops for children.

If you’re still casting round for something to do, don’t forget to fill in the
questionnaire enclosed with the Newsletter to let County Hall know in no uncertain terms what you think about those speed limits.

As usual there will be no edition in August but normal service will be resumed in September, when we hope to bring you our traditional supplement on the summer’s big social events.
All copy to me by 12th August please.

Meanwhile Happy Holidays!

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