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September 2006

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Editor or team? From the Editor
By Viv Robins
Exciting news: the Newsletter has entered a whole new dimension! You will see from Colin Sully’s article that the village website is now up and running, admittedly in somewhat limited form. However it does include the July Newsletter, for those who missed it or want to have another browse through, and the plan is to get this edition out there as soon as possible. That means that from now on contributors can expect to see their offerings on the world wide web as well as the doormat, but if anyone should be unhappy about that for any reason they have only to make it clear when they send their copy in and I will instruct Colin not to use it. Otherwise m’ learned friend informs me that silence can be taken as signifying consent…

After our summer break we have another bumper issue, which as well as our traditional picture supplement on the Fête and Flower Show (compiler: T. Rigby) includes accounts of school and cricketing achievements and an update on the village shop and the lovely mosaic now sadly missing from the front of the school. For greater ease of reference we’ve also decided to run Star-Gazer’s piece monthly instead of quarterly.

Sadly we also have obituaries of two of The Lee’s best-loved and most active residents, Marjorie Humphreys and Frankie Walker, who both died earlier this Summer.

John Fortgang will be in the driving seat next month so all copy to him by the 12th September please!

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