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September 2006
Best-ever Lee Flower Show?
flower show By Anne Kenyon
Congratulations to us all – organisers, participants and public! I have heard many say that this year’s Flower Show on July 15th was the best yet.

In spite of drought conditions, with many plants flowering early and dying off too quickly and vegetables struggling to survive, we managed to produce a wonderful display in the marquee. The photographic section was again very popular and there was a fantastic display of scarecrows – what fun it all was! Nearly 400 danced the night away after the show and had a great time.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make the day so successful and memorable. We are always keen to hear your comments, good or bad, so please let us know and also any suggestions in the schedule for sideshows and entertainment.

The flower show is now 114 years old, with 1992 the centenary year. The villages should be proud of this achievement and the show will go on!

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