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September 2006
flower show Help save our school mosaic!
By Ann Ash

If you have passed by the school fence recently you will have noticed that there is a space. Our wonderful mosaic has sadly had to be removed because the tiles are falling off.

The mosaic was commissioned by Chiltern District Council as part of the Heritage Trail project and funded by them in 2000. Why have the tiles started to fall off? We can only guess that movement in the wooden fence has caused the soft metal backing of the mosaic to warp.

We have tried to contact the artist several times without success. Estimates from other sources have put the cost of repair as high as £1,500, but the Council say they have no money available to do the work.

The mosaic is a thing of interest and beauty which I feel needs to be salvaged. If anyone has any comments or suggestions which could help to get it back on show please contact me on 837550.
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