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September 2006
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Editor or team? To the Editor:
It seems an awfully long time since that beautiful June day of The Church Fête, when so many people had such a good time and the school children danced round the maypole on The Green.

Wycombe Wanderers challenging all comers to beat the goalie was definitely The Lee highlight of the World Cup. Many youngsters succeeded but I don’t know how many adults were even allowed to try.

The tombola was under new management and had a wonderful array of prizes. Their contribution to the total of £5,800 was very significant. The raffle also did well and the main prize was won by John and Mary Heley. Many other stalls had good days but a special mention must be made of the duck game which doubled its takings!

As usual none of it would happen without the huge number of volunteers who give up their day (and some many days before) to run the various games and stalls. So a huge Thank You to all those involved and we look forward to even more excitement next year.

Judy Hart
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