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September 2006
Children go down on farm
By Suzanne Beaney, Leeside Nursery

The ‘mini-beast’ project I mentioned in the June edition of the Newsletter has yielded results. Parents and children were fascinated when two painted lady butterflies metamorphosed out of the five original caterpillars, and also when the tadpoles grew legs and turned into tiny frogs that kept jumping out of the container, causing quite a lot of laughter. Much to our amazement we had more than we bargained for when four dragonflies hatched out, coming from the pondweed. The butterflies were released and flew away never to be seen again, the frogs were released into a neighbour’s pond.

We held a sports morning when parents came to watch the children race, from running and jumping to egg and spoon and angel race. A fun time was had by all!

flower show Our next project was ‘farm animals’: the children have been learning what animals are called, which ones give us milk and wool, what farmers did before tractors, and much more. They have made pig masks, finger mice puppets and animal sewing cards and put the tail on the donkey.

At the end of term a mobile farm visited us, and what a super ‘hands-on’ experience it was! Among other animals the children fed baby chicks, guinea pigs, ducks, geese and turkey, and they all had a go at milking a goat (pictured). The milk was then transferred to baby bottles and they fed it to a little fat piglet. Then they bottle-fed lambs and goats and groomed them with brushes. What a lovely time they all had; it was well worth the money it cost just to see the children’s faces and it’s something they will remember in years to come.

One last thing: we had an ‘OFSTED’ inspection in July and we got GOOD – best the Nursery has ever done. We are over the moon!
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