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September 2006
Clerk's Corner
By Viv Robins

For those of you wondering how I got on with my walk in aid of Kidney Research the sorry answer is – I didn’t. I was ill on the day and couldn’t take part. However a friend of mine did and many of my sponsors kindly agreed to transfer their backing to her, which meant that she raised over £1000. I reckon that’s my kind of walking.

memorial Historic structures at risk?
You may be surprised to learn that neither the War Memorial on the Village Green nor the Jubilee Well in Lee Common is currently insured against damage. Given the re-build costs (around £35,000 for the War Memorial and £20,000 for the Jubilee Well) the extra premium would be considerable – around £650, which is £300 more than we pay at the moment. However the Parish Council feels there is probably an argument for getting the War Memorial insured, as its situation on a bend in the road does make it vulnerable. The Jubilee Well is a rather different story, since if its wooden casing, which is a listed structure, were somehow damaged or destroyed it could only be replaced by a replica which would have little of the value of the original. The Council will ask for an increase in the precept next year to cover the cost of the War Memorial premium if there is general agreement that this needs to be done. What do readers think?
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