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September 2006

Coming this autumn

Revd Burgess By the Revd David Burgess
This month’s article is briefer than usual, but I’d like to use it to introduce a programme that we’re running for all four parishes over the coming months.

C. S. Lewis once said that there were three possible conclusions from the claims that Jesus made about himself – he was a liar, he was mad, or he was telling the truth.

But what were these claims and what significance do they have for us? Who did Jesus think he was?
‘Who do you think you are?’ is the title of the autumn course this year. We’re running it fortnightly on Wednesday evenings at the St Leonard’s Church Room at 8:00 pm, beginning on 6th September. Subsequent sessions are on 26th September, 4th and 18th October and 1st and 15th November.

We’ll be looking at a particular set of claims that Jesus made in John’s Gospel. They’re called the ‘I Ams’ and there are seven all told. Through these we’ll find out more about Jesus himself and about what he means for us.

Each session will last for about an hour. We’re making the course as light and accessible as possible, and you only need to bring yourself and a bible.

If you want to find out more, do get in touch with me to ask. And, of course, all are welcome to the sessions themselves – you don’t need a church background or to be a regular attender. We’ll look forward to seeing you.
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