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September 2006
Search for shop funding continues
By John Fortgang

Unfortunately our application to DEFRA for grant funding was unsuccessful. Although the case workers were aware all along of the temporary nature of the planning permission they felt that that in itself would not be an obstacle to obtaining a grant and gave us much assistance in the preparing of the application. They then told us that they felt that as we could not actually guarantee a longer period of occupation (and because the whole grant scheme was about to come to an end and applications for funds were very competitive) they could no longer encourage our application and we therefore had to withdraw it.

However we still have our application to the Lottery Fund. This is being processed and we hope that we shall be more successful there. We hope to know within a few weeks.
In addition we were pleased to receive a Community Grant of just over £1,500 from Chiltern District Council; it is gratifying to know that our local authority is able to support us in this way.

If sufficient funding is made available then in addition to setting the shop up in its temporary home we will want to put in an application for permanent planning permission immediately, as the temporary permission expires at the end of next March.

Even if we are not successful in our search for funding we should seriously consider making an application for long-term planning permission anyway, as that will no doubt make it easier to obtain funding at a later date so that the shop can continue to be a possibility.
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