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No: 8  - A short circular walk from Lee Common School
By Chris Syer

Walk No 8
This short walk will take around an hour, depending on your speed, and is probably a bit less than three miles.

Some of these paths can be muddy later in the year, but at the time of writing they are all fairly dry.

Route finding:
  1. Start from Lee Common School, taking the unmade road past the side entrance of the School, and enter the park. 

  2. Go straight on down the hill, heading towards the large gate at the woods below. 

  3. At the gate go straight on, ignoring first a path to left and right and then an unmade road which leads to a house on the left. Your path passes behind Pipers and emerges at Hunts Green. 

  4. Here go straight across onto Kings Lane and turn right just before the house with the thatched roof. 

  5. Take the next left fork, which leads to the left of a white house (Church Farm). Go over the stile and keep straight on to a metal gate. 

  6. On the other side keep straight on again, (signposted ‘Chiltern Link’), ignoring tracks to the left and right. This path goes to the left of a small wood, and then at the end of the next field on the right, just before a holly and two large oaks, turn right and follow the hedge. 

  7. Pass through the corner of a small wood and then, at the stile and junction of paths, bear right on the main drive, passing a house on your right.

  8. Further down, this drive becomes paved and soon reaches the road from The Lee to Swan Bottom. Here cross the road and take the footpath into the wood. 

  9. Proceed straight on, ignoring first a more minor fork to the left, and later turnings left and right. 

  10. At the end of the wood the path goes straight on to the farm, and a right fork goes across the field. Take the latter and arrive at the beginning of Oxford Street in Lee Common. (If you cannot see the path across the field, an alternative is to go straight on through the farm, turn right on to the road and rejoin the route at Oxford Street). 

  11. Go down Oxford Street and arrive back at the School..
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