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November 2006

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From the Editor
By Viv Robins
Ah, Autumn – season (as the poet Keats so nearly said) of mists, mellow fruitfulness and an action-packed Lee Newsletter. Jon Swain brings down the curtain on a successful cricket season, and Rudi Kalveks takes off on the last off-road cycle tour of the year. But there’s plenty on offer too for the months ahead: how about wine-tasting at the Parish Hall for starters, and while you’re there you can admire the many new features listed by Pippa Hart and Mike Senior.

I was particularly glad to read Giles Knowles’ article on the glis glis since I once mentioned these creatures on a visit to friends up North, only to be greeted by hoots of derision and disbelief. A dignified e-mail directing them to the article on our website (don’t forget: should do the trick.

As many of you will know, Mike Senior was the eminence grise behind the launch of this Newsletter back in 2002, and he has decreed that next month will be our 50th anniversary and should be celebrated accordingly. More pedestrian souls may argue that it will in fact be our fifth, but Mike has taken the novel approach of totting up the number of Newsletters rather than years. We therefore plan to bring you a special supplement incorporating some of the highlights of those 50 editions.

The next edition will be overseen by my co-editor John Fortgang, so copy to him by the 12th November please!

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