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cycle ride No. 12 Bacombe Warren, Chequers and Woods around Dunsmore
By Rudi Kalveks

This is a variant on previous routes through Wendover, which explores various bridleways and tracks through woodland around Coombe Hill and Dunsmore before returning to The Lee via Cobblershill and Leather Lane. Some of the wooded stretches have been rather muddy this summer with mosquitoes and other jungle life in evidence. However, as autumn draws on the malaria hazards are receding…

Route Finding:
  1. Start at the Cock & Rabbit. Take the road past Pipers.
  2. Turn right into Kings Ash Lane.
  3. On reaching Kings Ash turn left into Chesham Lane and then after 100 yards right into the track towards Concord. Take the left fork just before Concord into the bridleway signed ‘Cycles slow’. The top section can be muddy and parts of this descent are quite steep and can be rutted. Continue straight on past Boswells.
  4. Upon reaching the Wendover road system turn right and then after 500 yards left downhill onto a short bridleway between some houses.
  5. On reaching the old A413 turn right and then double back left uphill into Bacombe Lane, crossing the new A413.
  6. Continue half way up Bacombe Lane and turn left onto a bridleway (with its entrance obscured by bushes).
  7. After a few hundred yards the bridleway turns right through a gate, leading to a short descent followed by a long uphill.
  8. At the top of the hill turn right and follow this bridleway as best you can until you emerge near the Coombe Hill National Trust site and monument.
  9. Find the gate to the NT site. Do not enter, but turn right following the fence and join a steep bumpy bridleway heading downhill.
  10. Emerge by the Ellesborough golf course. Turn sharp left and take the bridleway through a gate and around the side of the hill.
  11. After a mild climb emerge by the back gate to Chequers. Turn left uphill on the road but then almost immediately cross the road into a small clearing and take the middle path (bridleway). The path climbs over a hill before descending.
  12. On reaching some farms near Dunsmore turn right along what seems like a stream bed. Follow this until you reach a junction, and then turn left up a steep climb.
  13. At the top turn right onto the main track between Dunsmore and Cobblershill. In Coblershill continue on across the road. After the house ‘Blossoms’ on your left, the bridleway passes between open fields and then enters a small muddy wood.
  14. Immediately on exiting this wood the bridleway forks. Take the left fork down the hill (quite steep and rock strewn in places). Take care. Continue under the railway line to join the A413.
  15. Turn right into the A413.
  16. After 500 yards turn left up Leather Lane.
  17. Left at the top of Leather Lane and return to the Cock & Rabbit.
Total distance: 12 miles. One long climb of 400 ft, two of 200 ft and one of 100 ft. Allow 1¾ hours, or more, depending on surface conditions.

Don’t forget: Helmet, puncture repair kit, water, go slow for horses.
Recommended: 1:25,000 O/S Map – Chiltern Hills North - Explorer 181.
Good cycling!
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