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November 2007
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nettles Midsomer Murders: the inside story
By Colin Sully

John Nettles (otherwise known as TV’s D.I. Barnaby) was spotted in The Lee recently in ‘strange’ circumstances and without his latest side-kick ‘Jones’. For once there were also no dead bodies and the only ‘suspects’ to be found were your intrepid reporting team tracking down a good story… and a photograph!

The Newsletter can exclusively reveal that a television programme is being made about the various locations used for Midsomer Murders, called Maps of Midsomer Murders, and that John Nettles is being interviewed with these locations as back-drops.

The Lee has appeared in episodes such as Death of a Hollow Man, Death of a Stranger and Painted in Blood, and featured as Badgers Drift in The Killings at Badgers Drift and Death’s Shadow. The Lee Gate pub was reborn as the ‘Hammer and Pennant’ in Bantling Boy and in Death in a Chocolate Box (filmed last March), the Cock and Rabbit was re-cast as ‘The Safe Haven’. Surely there is no such place in Midsomer!

Maps of Midsomer Murders will be broadcast on ITV3 some time in the New Year. Our enquiries continue as to the exact date…
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