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November 2007
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joan adams
    Compiled by Colin Sully

A quiz with a theme; a crossword without a grid; a competition with no prizes… Call it what you like, we hope you find it entertaining.

The answers to the clues below all relate in some way to The Lee and will also have appeared in the Newsletter at some point. This month, the answers all start with the letter ‘A’:
  1.   Area of Oxford Street ear-marked for future growth (10 letters).
  2. Legendary king of The Lee (6).
  3. Mutilated insect on the Parish boundary (7).
  4. Newsletter finance (14).
  5. Veiled duck (9).
  6. The Newsletter’s ‘Epic La La’ (8).
  7. Does it surround our rural village? (11).
  8. Metropolitan district office (8).
  9. Bottled up in Chartridge (5, 5).
  10. Monarch’s tree (3).
  11. Charity church in a paddock (10).
  12. Appearing in next month’s Newsletter (7).
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