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March 2008
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quizzical Quizzical-Lee!
Compiled by Colin Sully

I’ve had some comments – from my family and from so called ‘colleagues’ on the Newsletter team – that I have been making these cryptic quizzes too difficult! Can you believe it?

Well, this month, without wanting to dumb-down the column, I have tried to include some more straight-forward questions, as well as a few ‘teasers’. Remember, the answers to the clues all relate in some way to The Lee Parish and will also have appeared in the Newsletter at some point. This month the answers also all start with the letter ‘C’. It couldn’t be easier!
  1. The shared part of the Parish? (6 letters)
  2. Where willow meets leather (7, 4)
  3. Separated from the main village (5)
  4. Rubinetto e coniglio (4, 3, 6)
  5. Gatherings at The Lee and Lee Common… and formerly at Lee Clump and Swan Bottom… on Sundays? (13)
  6. Aeroplane crashed in the north (7)
  7. Pasties and cream at the Church (7)
  8. Chalk and beechwoods (9)
  9. Nearby meeting place (10, 10, 6)
  10. Assembly at the Parish Hall (7)
  11. Latté am (6, 7)
  12. The road to the Alamo (9, 4)
Last month’s answers: Barnaby; Bucks; Batten; Bassibones Farm; Burgess; Bugle: Browning; Bookworm; Beaney; Ballinger; Bentley Productions and Burnett
10-12 correct: you must be on the Editorial Team (if not, why not?).
  6-9 correct: please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
  3-5 correct: please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
  0-2 correct: “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
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