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June 2008
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Compiled by Colin Sully

This month the answers all start with the letter ‘F’ – a particularly straightforward letter it seems – and remember, they all relate in some way to The Lee parish.

If you have any suggestions for future editions, why not send them to the Editor, or email them to
  1. Unbounded on the hill top (4 letters)
  2. Ways through the airspace (6, 5)
  3. You will also find fruit and vegetables and photographs and races and cakes and… (6, 4)
  4. The Newsletter’s front gag man (8)
  5. To honour with entertainment on the green (4)
  6. Uncultivated deer (6)
  7. The plants and animals of the area (5, 3, 5)
  8. Home; Bassibones; Strawberry Hill; Chapel; Gwenfa… (5)
  9. The Lee used to be covered in it (6)
  10. River crossing leads the Parish Council (4)
Last month’s answers
Editor; Estate agents; Easter; Elmwood kennels; Entomologists;
Errewig View; Electorate; Extras; Extension; Elizabeth.

8-10 correct; you must be on the Editorial team (if not, why not?)
5-7 correct; please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
3-4 correct; please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
0-2 correct; “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
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