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July 2008
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cricket club Quizzical-Lee!
Compiled by Colin Sully

In view of the forthcoming break in Newsletter production – and having found ‘F’ fairly friendly – this month I have included something to get your teeth into over the long hot summer.

Remember, the answers all start with the letter ‘G’ and relate in some way to The Lee Parish and/or the Newsletter.
  1. Pub closed in the countryside code (4 letters)
  2. Many thanks for the meal (11)
  3. The Parish’s grumpy old man, we hear (8, 6)
  4. Sometimes, the Editor grills bent coke! (7, 7)
  5. Turning up the heat on the planet (6, 6)
  6. Edible dormouse (4, 4)
  7. Converts the Editorial team’s work into something we can all read (3, 6)
  8. Place on the green for an association of craftsmen (5, 4)
  9. Covering our roads, in winter (8)
  10. The belief that all living things have a regulatory effect on the Earth’s environment (4)
Last month’s answers
Free; Flight paths; Flower show; Fortgang; Fête; Fallow; Flora and fauna; Farms; Forest; Ford.
8-10 correct; you must be on the Editorial team (if not, why not?)
5-7 correct; please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
3-4 correct; please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
0-2 correct; “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
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