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October 2008
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Compiled by Colin Sully

From the abundance of recent months, we finally move on to less fertile ground – so much so that this month we have had to religiously link up the I’s with the J’s. As usual, the answers all start with one of these two letters and relate to The Lee parish.
  1. I wonder why don’t we have a men’s one in the village (9 letters)
  2. Arthur’s father… or is it his nephew? (4)
  3. Location of (8)
  4. Sharia… (5)
  5. … and Shalom (7)
  6. What the Swan Bottom Ladies are looking at this month (9)
  7. A whole month without a Newsletter (7)
  8. E’enly jog around with the Newsletter (3, 5)
  9. Parochial Saint (4, 3, 7)
  10. Anniversary well (7)
Last month’s answers
Hale; Hammond; Hunting; Howe; House visits; Holy Communion; Head mistress; Heathrow airport; Hunts Green; Hart.
8-10 correct; you must be on the Editorial team (if not, why not?)
5-7 correct; please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
3-4 correct; please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
0-2 correct; “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
If you have any suggestions for future months, especially K, L and M, why not send them to the Editor, or email them to
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