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February 2009
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quiz Quizzical-Lee!
Compiled by Colin Sully

I have made two New Year’s resolutions this year – to make this quiz easier and, given that the answers this month all start with the letter L, to have no more than one of them starting with ‘Lee…’. Otherwise it would be just too easy!

Remember also that all the answers to these questions relate in some way to The Lee parish.
I especially like the first one this month… and not too difficult?
  1. Freedom; of the shop in Regent Street (7 letters)
  2. We hear it needs more air space (5, 7)
  3. Sounds like the head rules (5)
  4. Plantation of young nobility; north of the gate (8, 4)
  5. 0º 42´ W (9)
  6. 51º 44´ N (8)
  7. Sadly only signed at one end (3, 5, 4)
  8. Arthur -------- Liberty (7)
  9. The road to the tannery (7, 4)
  10. To live (temporarily?) at the entrance to the manor (5)
Previous answers
Kings Ash; Kings Ransom; Knowles; Kings Lane; Kings Vale Farm;
Kennels; Kilometres; Kitchen garden; Kiosk; Kindergarten
8-10 correct; you must be on the Editorial team (if not, why not?)
5-7 correct; please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
3-4 correct; please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
0-2 correct; “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
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