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June 2009
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quiz Quizzical-Lee!
Compiled by Colin Sully

After the plethora of Ms, I’ve been out searching for Ns. I’m sorry to report that it’s time to combine letters again - this time N and O. Oh, yes it is!

All the answers this month start with one of these two letters, and remember they also all relate in some way to The Lee Parish. If you have any suggestions for future months, why not send them to the Editor, or email them to

  1. Taken ten times a year… by all our readers (10 letters)
  2. Places in The Lee for young things to grow (9)
  3. Consulting on airspace (1, 1, 1, 1)
  4. Cone risk at the District office (4, 4)
  5. Annual final event at the Parish Hall (3, 5, 3, 5)
  6. Virus-free, old motorbike reporting on the school (6)
  7. Post-life biographies (10)
  8. Historic chapel of ease (3, 6)
  9. Elderly bird at the bottom (3, 4)
  10. Shopping highway, with no shops! (6, 6)
Last month’s answers
Missenden; Metropolitan line; Mobile library; Midsomer Murders; Midsummers day;
Memorial; Monthly; Manor; Misbourne; Myxomatosis

8-10 correct; you must be on the Editorial team (if not, why not?)
5-7 correct; please read the Newsletter more carefully in future.
3-4 correct; please attend classes at the Parish Hall.
0-2 correct; “Yes, it’s about The Lee!”
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