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February 2011
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clerks It’s good-bye from me...
By Viv Robins

Alas I am no longer entitled to call this column Clerk’s Corner, having relinquished that noble office on 1st January. Over the five years I’ve done the job the pleasurable part has been working alongside Councillors who’ve unfailingly impressed me with their willingness to work on behalf of the Parish at no gain to themselves.

The downside, as I may have hinted here more than once, has been the unceasing torrent of jargon and gobbledegook that has come my way from bodies such as the County and District Councils. If anything this stream of motherhood and apple pie initiatives has become greater over the years. Yet my successor Christine Thomas can be seen smiling gamely as she formally takes over from me at the January Parish Council meeting. Christine can be contacted on 837 400 or preferably by e-mail at

frank mcdermott ...and it’s good-bye from him
The many customers of Frank the postman will by now have registered the fact that he is no longer doing his rounds, but perhaps not everyone will know why.

Like the hard-nosed investigative journalist I once was I called in at the sorting office in Great Missenden the other day in search of answers. I was told that Frank had broken his clavicle while out in Chesham last August and had been in hopes of making a full recovery, but when that hadn’t happened he decided to opt for early retirement at the age of 62. Frank – full name Frank McDermott – was a familiar sight in The Lee in his regulation Royal Mail shorts and with his van refreshingly blaring out Radio Four, for more than 20 years. It was apparently a source of great regret for him not to have been able to say Goodbye to all his customers and I think many of those customers will feel the same. So we’ve decided to put a card in the Parish Shop for people to sign, together with a box for donations. Both of these will be in the Shop until the end of February, so please contribute if you can.

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