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February 2011
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waxwings Rare birds grace The Lee
By Donald Stone

Following this winter’s countrywide invasion of waxwings, and after sightings in Wendover, Amersham Tesco’s and Chesham town centre, I spent an hour cycling around the village on New Year’s Day searching for likely spots.

As I arrived at the junction of Oxford Street and Ballinger Road I heard their ‘trilling’ call. Looking around I found 15 birds in the tall roadside trees at Bassibones Farm. These flew to the centre of the village and began calling from wires near the telephone exchange where they were joined by a further 24.

They then moved on to the playing fields, where they spent the best part of half an hour feeding on the few remaining rowan and hawthorn berries before being frightened off by two dogs. Then they circled the village and headed off towards Chesham.
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