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February 2011
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old church Sunday School
By Tom Crane

The Lee Church Sunday School continues to meet once a month. The children are split into two groups according to age.

In December the children prepared for Christmas by looking at the story of Jesus’s birth and thinking about what babies need today as they grow up. As well as singing Christmas carols they also prepared Christmas fairy cakes, much to the delight of the congregation, who got the chance to eat them at the end of the service.

In January they heard about the story of David and Goliath and the younger children focused on the friendship between David and Jonathan. They talked about who their friends were and then thoroughly enjoyed making and decorating friendship cards. The older children looked at how David overcame Goliath’s strength to succeed and thought about how they too could overcome challenges with God’s help.

The Sunday School will meet on 13th February, 13th March and 10th April and all children aged three and over are most welcome. Classes meet in the Old Church at 10 am.
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