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February 2011
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Your chance to beat the bounds
By Barnaby Usborne

On Saturday 12th March the Parish Council will be holding an organised walk round the parish boundary to mark the centenary of the enlargement of the parish in 1911 (see March Newsletter for details of the enlargement). Tradition requires that at key points on the boundary young boys are turned upside down and bumped on the ground to ensure they memorise the boundary for future generations. There are rumours that adjacent parishes may dispute this boundary and demand back the land they lost in 1911.

The walk will start at the top of Leather Lane and proceed in stages via Kings Ash, Boswells, Arrewig Lane, Ballinger Bottom and back to Leather Lane; some 10 miles in all. We plan to start at 10:00 am, stopping for elevenses in Kings Ash, lunch in Arrewig Lane and tea at Ballinger Bottom, arriving back at Leather Lane late afternoon. The route crosses fields, follows lanes and footpaths and goes through some ancient woodlands. Stout walking boots or wellingtons and good waterproof clothing will probably be needed. Bring a packed lunch if you would like to join the lunch in Arrewig Lane.

For many the first stage from Leather Lane to Kings Ash will be particularly interesting as it will be a rare opportunity to walk close to the proposed route of HS2 and to visit a section of Grimms Ditch which is seldom seen and which would be destroyed by HS2.

Stage Two from Kings Ash to Arrewig Lane will take about an hour and a half and is more hilly and challenging as the route takes us off the paths through Concord Wood.

Later in February we will place copies of the map, itinerary and timetable in the shop to help you decide how much of the walk you would like to do.

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