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February 2011
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To the Editor:
Twice during the heavy snow I saw at the far end of my terrace at Ladygrove an animal I could not identify. It was all black, had a long furry tail and moved like a cat, but was the size of a small dog with very long legs.

Does anyone in The Lee own such a large domestic cat, or have I sighted the Large Black Wild Animal again?
I was quite sober at the time.

Diana Morley
The Lee

Out of the blue To the Editor:
In the run-up to Christmas what a bonus treat the 12th December turned out to be! A flying visit to The Lee from the a cappella singing group Out of the Blue filled the Parish Church with an unexpected and memorable evening’s entertainment: such talent!

Well done and thanks to all those who made it happen.

Rita and Colin Sully
Swan Bottom

To the Editor:
In these challenging times the ‘Big Society’ is starting to bring forth all sorts of helpful wheezes to help deal with the uncertainties of life. One particular problem I have grappled with is keeping foxes, crows and other predators away from my black rubbish bags. It seemed that even if I delayed putting the rubbish out until the early hours of the morning the perishers would descend and cause chaos. At last a solution: spray your black bags with Dettol Surface Cleaner. It works a treat!

Gilbert Nockles
Potter Row

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