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March 2011
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Kings Lane...
By Reina Free

And then the rains came. We breathed a sigh of relief when at last the snow disappeared but there was much more to come. First the rains, not just a shower but heavy downpours right through the night. This went on for days and when they stopped there were the storms, fierce and heavy.

In the 20 years that I have lived in Kings Ash I have never seen Kings Lane being flooded everywhere like a stream. As I splish-splashed in my wellingtons, muttering about, a bit grumpy, I thought about the floods in Queensland and Pakistan, the indescribable suffering. It made me ashamed of myself. I am sadly inclined to become subdued in myself about often trivial matters, losing perspective as to what is really important and what is not.

What is important? I am in good health and can walk along Kings Lane. I can see the beauty of nature and hear the birds sing, the robin, long tailed tits and the thrush in Narnia wood, ‘my early morning friends’.

The badgers are already moving about digging up the blue bells. Pheasants calling out to each other. In some fields the wheat and oats have already come up. Some because of all the autumn rain have still to be ploughed. It is a worrying time for our farmers. The price of seed, fertilizers and diesel oil are all rising by the day. Wholesalers and supermarkets pushing down the price of beef and lamb.

High on top of the hedgerow near my house a robin is singing his springtime song. It is still cold and windy. The little creature is teaching me a lesson as I enter my warm kitchen.

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