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March 2011
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Telephone in Kings Ash and Swan Bottom
By Martin Baxter

In December my telephone was not working for two weeks. When the engineer from OpenReach eventually came he told me that not only are we at the furthest distance from The Lee exchange but also that the wiring is at the end of its useful life and needs to be replaced.

Last week when I lifted the telephone handset I had the unexpected joy of hearing two other people on the line. When this happened twice I reported it but then found that the phone does not ring. So I reported that fault and after no response after a week I reported it again. I was sure something would happen because the same day I met several OpenReach vans on my way from Chesham. I stopped one while he was attending to a neighbours fault not 50 metres away, but he could not deal with my problem.

He confirmed that the line is ‘very old’. Then it struck me. How many of us are reporting faults? There could be dozens and we would not know.

Therefore I propose conducting a study. If you report a fault please email to me your name and phone number in confidence, with how many days it took to be resolved. After six weeks I will report back and we will make a decision on whether there is a case to replace the line, which may also improve the broadband speed as well. My email is:

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