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March 2011
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The-LeeWay a new voluntary care group
By Mike Senior

A number of villagers have joined together to form a new local volunteer care group which we are calling The-LeeWay. This will be a village-run organisation which will enable residents to help their neighbours or be helped by them when others are not able to do so. The Lee parish has an enviable record of neighbours helping neighbours and this new organisation is aimed at supplementing and extending that tradition.

Sometimes friends or family are able to give help or support to those in need. Sometimes this is not possible and The-LeeWay has been formed to provide such assistance, as from a friend to a friend, to anyone living in The Lee Parish. Such help might take the form, for example, of providing company for a few hours, doing some shopping or driving to the doctor or shops. Even a little help at the right time can make a lot of difference.

We are now inviting anyone who would like to be involved as a LeeWay helper to join the team. The more volunteers there are, the better the care group will work. How much time you can give and when you can give it would be entirely up to you. Also, we would like to hear from anyone in the parish who would welcome some informal and friendly help from time to time.

If you would like to learn more about The-LeeWay, please contact either Mary Dovey (837349) or Mike Senior (837757).

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