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March 2011
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st John the Baptist With a little help from my friends
By Gilly Hafner

Do you spend your Sunday mornings cheering on your kids at rugby matches? Maybe you find it hard to tear yourself away from the Archers omnibus or just need a lie in for once. Sometimes it can be a struggle and even impossible to get to church on a Sunday morning at 10:00am. We have a solution! We are piloting a new, lay-led, all age service at church in The Lee on Sunday 6th March at 4:00pm. Jos Perris will be coming to speak about her life as a Christian and we will have someone to join us each month to speak about an aspect of their Christian life – in short we will be exploring ‘Christianity in Action’.

This will be a very relaxed and friendly service lasting approximately one hour, starting with Sunday afternoon pudding (try our heavenly apple pie, divine brownies and celestial cupcakes) and of course tea, coffee and squash.

Absolutely everyone is welcome (especially noisy children) and toys will be provided to keep littlies amused.
For more information please contact Gilly on 837712 or Kathryn on 837016.
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