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March 2011
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To the Editor
I am dead against the proposed HS2 scheme but if the puffer fanatics push it through, the Heathrow inclusion makes more sense, but as we’re dealing with what appear to be deaf megalomaniacs – what chance?
If Cameron and Co. think the train will heal the North / South divide and Surrey will be flooded with Harry Ramsdens he’s off his deep fryer and deserves to be battered himself (next election?)

Spend the £66 billions (a more realistic figure for fast trains) on our servicemen and their families, improve existing transport facilities and, on Bazalgettes’ London sewers, which will cost billions to modernise and are a problem which cannot be flushed down the loo for much longer. Look out! They may be planning to channel the sewage overflow through the Chiltern valleys. Nothing would surprise me.

Any chump can buy a train-set but only God can make the Chilterns.
Get real.
Liz Stewart-Liberty
The Lee

Special message from the Editor
“Wow Batman £66,000,000,000 – that’s  a lot of wonga!”
“It sure is Robin ... a tenner for everyone on the planet ... or the GDP of Iraq ... or £1000+ for everyone in blighty!”
“Wow ... that really is a lot of wonga for a wailway!”

To the Editor
 My family and I lived in The Lee for some years at The Old Mill and then for a year in Lee Common where our much loved cat disappeared in July 2010. Last night I made contact with Sally Knowles as she posted a note on The Lee Forum website about a cat that had visited her house with a horrible note and string tied around its neck and leg.

Giles also drew our attention to a letter written in your February newsletter by Mrs Morley in connection with an “unusual animal” sighted on her property during the snow in December.

Sally phoned us this evening to say that the cat had reappeared at her door where we dashed over and discovered it was our long lost Tom. Thank you to Sally for her kindness in rescuing our cat from the nasty harness and reuniting him with his very happy family.
Beatrice Buisson
Great Missenden

To the Editor
In response to the letter from Diana Morley, I would like to add that when my partner and I used to work on our allotment in Oxford Street some years ago, we often saw a seemingly quite large black cat parading along the boundaries of the area. It looked fairly large by domestic cat standards and certainly had a long fluffy tail. We often said that it looked as if it had some Persian in it. We did think it might be lost and often called out to it, to see if it would come over and be friendly, but to no avail. We came to the conclusion that it was possibly a feral cat, living in the surrounding countryside. I wonder if it could be the same one, if so it would be getting quite old now.
Sandra Nuseibeh.
Chiltern Cottage, Kings Ash

To the Editor
I am a family tree ‘nut’ and received a marriage certificate today from 1942 that listed the bride and groom’s address as Rodwells, Lee Common. The wedding took place at St John the Baptist, The Lee. The groom was Rupert Victor Spearman, schoolmaster, and the bride Kathleen Richardson, a state registered nurse. I wondered if anyone knew the couple.

Kathleen’s father William Henry was my Gran’s brother; he was also living in the area. William was a railway signalman and had lost an arm in an accident.

Any information about the family would be of interest. Please email
Jean Ryder
Ibstock, Leicestershire

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