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March 2011
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By Gilbert Nockles

By the time you read this edition of the Newsletter, the consultation on Cameron and Hammond’s ‘Great Project’ will be underway. It seems so remote from the challenges we face as a society that I sometimes wonder if we live in a parallel universe where the normal world ends when you reach the bottom of Leather Lane. That said the Newsletter is not an outlet for honing one’s ‘Grumpy Old Man’ skills but a beacon of responsible journalism and information for its readers.

In this issue we read about the launching of a new voluntary care group. This is a simple, straightforward project to do the right thing and make local life better for everyone. It requires no fanfare, no politically correct label and no convoluted spin to get across the message. Just read the article and get involved.

The ‘History of The Lee’ Parts 3 and 4 also appear. I commend this to you as I am certain the answers to the next ‘Quizzical Lee’ are contained in the articles. We also have updates on local societies, future events and a useful article on The Lee Forum. Further evidence as to the existence of the Lee Leopard is also noted.
The editorial team are always delighted to receive your letters and we have some real crackers in this edition, so please keep them coming.

The editor for next month’s edition is Peter Archer. Please send your contributions to him by email at or to Red Lion House, Red Lion Hill by 12th March.

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