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April 2011
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HS2 HS2 update
By Kathryn Gurney

Another month, another update on HS2… an aspect of village life which we would all rather do without, but I’m afraid it will be hard to avoid over the coming months – so please bear with us!

The last day of February saw the launch of the government’s consultation on HS2. On the same day, the Financial Times’s editorial opened with a heading “The high cost of high-speed rail: the London to Birmingham line is hard to justify”.

This view has coincided with a flurry of press opinion against the proposals for HS2 in the Times, Guardian, Telegraph, the Daily Mail and the Mirror. All have contained articles making the point that at this time of tough choices on public spending, the proposals for HS2 look hard to justify, particularly given that the evidence does not seem to favour any of the claims made about it. Even the former Chancellor, Nigel Lawson has written to similar effect.

This battle will no doubt rage on, but with such unlikely bedfellows as the Taxpayers’ Alliance and the Green Party all now campaigning against HS2, those objecting can no longer be so easily dismissed as NIMBYs.

The Government Roadshow Schedule has now been published and will be coming to Great Missenden on 12th May, Wendover on 13th - 14th May and Amersham on 18th - 19th May.

To help you respond to the consultation and to provide some food for thought prior to the HS2 Ltd. Roadshows, the local action groups will be arranging a rally and information day in Great Missenden on Sunday 8th May.

Before then, there will be other events to help you in responding to the consultation. Please don’t rush to respond to the consultation until you have had more information from these events, from local meetings and leaflets that will be delivered. The consultation runs until 29th July 2011.

The Chiltern Ridges (HS2) Action Group (CRAG) is up and running and recently hosted the coordination meeting of the National Federation of Action Groups Against High Speed Two (AGAHST). Thank you to Ros Morris and her fabulous team of men and women from The Lee, Ballinger and surrounding villages who provided wonderful hospitality to our colleagues who came from far and wide. Locally, we have teams looking at environmental and engineering issues specific to our community, as well as supporting the broader national campaign. There is a letter writing team and a publicity team and both are looking for willing to helpers with a couple of hours to spare to help.

If you would like to receive information on CRAG meetings, please contact Sally Knowles, our membership secretary on 837646.

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