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April 2011
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hedgehogs Leeside Nursery School
By Joy Heels

We started this term on a winter note with a week’s activity on each of ‘cold weather’, ‘animals and birds in cold countries’, ‘winter sports’, ‘Chinese New Year’, ‘Basant’ and ‘artists’. All of these categories include activities for letters, numbers, shapes, craft and mark making.

‘Cold weather’ was making snowmen, what clothes we wear etc. ‘Animals and birds’ included making stuffed penguins. A favourite activity for ‘winter sports’ was making a skier using beads, pipe cleaners and lolly sticks.
It was decided we would celebrate Chinese New Year over a whole week this year instead of one day so that a lot more could be achieved. The children made lanterns, lucky red envelopes, dancing dragons and fans as well as the usual food to eat and dancing under the Chinese dragon.

The following week was Basant which is a spring festival in the Hindu culture. This is the first time we have introduced this to our programme, it is very colourful with the main colour being yellow. The children made kites with long yellow tails, decorated the sand tray with colourful flowers and danced with strands of yellow material to music.

Artists’ week saw the children painting sun flower pictures to copy the famous Van Gogh painting, looking at artists’ tools and mixing colours. They loved painting to music on a large scale (wallpaper) and how different music makes us feel. They also made family portraits on paper plates and sculptured hedgehogs out of clay, painted them gold and put jewels for eyes and nose which are going to be given to their mothers for Mothering Sunday.
We have just started on our new topic of ‘fairy tales’.

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