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May 2011
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old church Church hosts glittering event
By Sally Nockles

From Elizabeth I to Elizabeth Taylor: we were treated to a tour de force of the jewellery world by John Benjamin in the Lee Old Church on 8th April.

Witty and amusing with no-one nodding off despite the lights being turned down so that we could see the slide show. Anyone who thought that this would be about a girl’s best friend was in for a surprise. The status symbol of Elizabeth I would humble any bling-infatuated footballer’s wife. I am however fully taken by the idea of going to bed wearing garnets to ward off nightmares but am unsure about grinding up and swallowing pearls as a sort of Tudor paracetamol.

The impact of science on jewellery is little known: it seems obvious today that only a diamond can cut a diamond but it was only when that was discovered that master craftsmen could produce the magnificent pieces we now admire.

Whilst the experts predict that ‘ethnic’ jewellery is going to be the look for 2012, everyone in the room seemed to hanker after a blue diamond. At a cool £1.8 million a carat they really are a girl’s best friend.
Congratulations to the Old Church Committee for arranging yet another memorable evening.
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