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May 2011
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leeside nursery Leeside nursery
By Joy Heels

Our topic for the first half of term was fairy tales. The first week was Hansel and Gretel: the children painted houses of biscuits and cakes, made biscuits and iced them and made necklaces with dyed pasta.

Next came Cinderella: the girls loved dressing up in pretty dresses. They made glass window pumpkins, had a choice of decorating a ball gown or a horse, made a clock with hands that moved so they could start to tell the time and made rubbings of the bottom of their shoes (interesting patterns these days).

Snow White was next interwoven with Red Nose Week. The children dressed up and donated to Comic Relief. Counting the dwarves, learning their names and colouring them in were among the activities.

leeside easter Goldilocks and the Three Bears was popular, with a puppet show, songs and craft and learning the concept of big, medium and small.

Growing beans and making a beanstalk for Jack to climb up was next, measuring each other to see who was the tallest and drawing round the tallest and shortest person to make a poster for the wall.

The children made Mother’s Day cards and planted bulbs in flower pots which they had painted and decorated earlier. The pots, soil, bulbs and all the wrappings were donated by Chris Field who even found time to help the children plant their bulbs. Thank you Chris for your generosity – I’m sure the mums appreciated their gifts.

The Parents’ Committee organised a sponsored walk and Easter egg hunt which everyone enjoyed enormously and raised lots of money for our outdoor area. Thank you to all concerned.

The children were told the Easter story and why we have a cross on the hot cross buns and how eggs are a symbol of new life. They made Easter cards and a chicken container to take their egg home in. On the Thursday we held an Easter hat parade. The mums came in for coffee or tea and a hot cross bun, the children sang the songs which they had been practising and then donned their hats and showed them off. We finished the week with a verbal treasure hunt.
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