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May 2011
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lee flower show Plant seed for Flower Show
By Jonathan Batten

May is the time when flowers emerge and crops begin to sprout. The Anglo-Saxon name for May was Tri-Milchi in recognition of the lush new grass which allowed the cows to be milked three times a day.

Today it means that the schedules for the Flower Show on Saturday 16th July are being delivered to your door and it’s time to start thinking about your exhibits.

As most of you don’t have to worry about milking cows three times a day take a look at your vegetables, fruit, flowers, pot plants and handicrafts. Plan what you can cook and what you can photograph, encourage your children to enter – there are classes for everyone.

Watch out for Oak Apple Day on 29th May – traditionally anyone caught not wearing an oak leaf or oak apple could be whipped with nettles or otherwise abused!

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