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May 2011
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We are all one world now
By Reina Free

As usual I am walking along Kings Lane. The mist on the trees comes down in drops as if it is raining, making little pools and streams. Quite strange, because the other parts of the lane are bone dry. A hedge sparrow is singing in the still-leafless hedgerow joined by an amorous companion and so together they sing their most beautiful love song.

But in all this tranquil stillness my mind is overwhelmed with the previous news about the earthquake in Christchurch New Zealand and the tsunami and earthquake in Japan. The sorrow, suffering and loss of so many people. Because of the television, the internet, e-mail and Twitter we have all become neighbours of one another. But what about my own emotions and inner responses? Will they be like that of my cat Indi, whose concern is mainly focussed on his comfort on my bed, the warmth of the stove, a lap, food, and going outside when the sun shines?

So what do I really do, being so overwhelmed? In the stillness of Kings Lane I pray for all these people dead and alive, injured, bereaved, losing all their possessions – things dear and important to them. And also now in Japan the deadly threat of the nuclear fall-out.

Let me say straight away I do not understand at all why God permitted this terrible calamity. There are so many things I do not understand and have no answer for.

Also I am not one for religion for religiosity’s sake at all. But I do believe in life after death, without tragedies, illnesses, sorrows and sufferings. I really really do.

The message of Easter explains it plainly. It is not fluffy chicks, bunnies and chocolate eggs but Jesus overcoming death for all of us.

P.S. Supporting Christian Aid, Tear Fund etc. etc. is also very necessary.
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