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May 2011
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beating the bounds 1 To the Editor:
beating the bounds 2 Trying to explain the concept of ‘Beating the Bounds’ to a foreigner, or even a scriptwriter for Midsomer Murders, may prove challenging (though not as challenging as some of the hills of our parish) and as I had never participated before I was not sure just what to expect.

I was only able to cover part of the route but I really enjoyed the company, glorious views and the perfect weather. I can only hope that the youngster who had the ‘privilege’ of having the boundary (literally) imprinted on his memory will be able to lead us all back in 10 years’ time. Let’s hope we will all still be able to use the same route, unimpeded by a train!

Many thanks to the organisers.
Trish Swain
The Lee

(That ‘privileged’ child was in fact 11-year-old John Pearce, son of Trevor, seen left taking his punishment: Ed).

To the Editor:
Thanks once again to the stalwart villagers who helped to clear rubbish from our village and surrounding countryside on 10th April. All looks good for a while!

We have just come back from NZ and again the country was almost litter-free. I asked some Kiwis why they do not have a litter problem and they think it is because they have so small a population. I believe they care for their beautiful country and they would not think to despoil it. We walked for miles and didn’t see any rubbish.
We too have a beautiful country so why are there those who do not care?

Pat Chinnery
Swan Bottom

To the Editor:
On behalf of The Lee Parish Hall Committee I should like to thank Chris Wise ACA Hon. Auditor for carrying out audits to the Parish Hall accounts. The audit is crucial to us and is much appreciated.
Thank you Chris!

Roger Morgan
Lee Common
(Treasurer, The Lee Parish Hall)

To the Editor:
Once again at this time of year may I suggest cat owners keep their pets in at night as parent birds start feeding their fledglings at dawn and are off their guard in the desperate struggle to satisfy the appetites of their young.
Thank you.

Liz Stewart-Liberty
The Lee

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