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May 2011
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By Viv Robins

It is a pleasure to be sitting once again in the Editor’s chair – we may not have invented the concept of hot-desking (I think that was probably Messrs Box and Cox back in Charles Dickens’s day) but of recent years I reckon we’ve made it something of an art form.

With the onset of summer there is the usual cornucopia of events to look forward to, among them the Fête and Flower Show. Also unmissable, although less likely to contribute to the sum of human happiness, will be the HS2 road shows.

A great many of you will remember our much-loved former vicar George de Burgh-Thomas, for whom we print a somewhat belated obituary, drawn from the tribute given at his funeral by his son Andrew. This got me thinking about the extent to which we cover births, marriages and deaths these days. As some of you may remember they used to be a staple of the Parish Magazine that this Newsletter replaced and although the current Newsletter has a much wider scope which has generally been welcomed, it could be that we have rather neglected our reporting of local weddings and funerals which do tend to be of interest to quite a lot of people. We did ask some years ago for people to send in any favourite wedding photos and equally we would be pleased to publish tributes from family or friends in memory of any well-known local figures.

Anyway whatever you feel inclined to send the man to send it to next month is Jonathan Batten at or Sadlers, Swan Bottom. The deadline is the 12th May.
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