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June 2011
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church Centenary Celebrations at St John The Baptist
By Judy Hart

On 7th and 8th May the church celebrated the centenary of the Liberty additions to the church. At the Choral Evensong on Sunday we were treated to roof raising singing from the Sutton Chorale.

David Burgess joined his schoolmate (who leads the Sutton Chorale) to give us an experience to rival any held in cathedrals around the country. The congregation joined in with some lively singing of hymns and ended with ‘When the Saints go marching in’ and the Hallelujah Chorus’. The church was beautifully decorated and we were well fed with tea before the service and supper at the Parish Hall afterwards.

A wonderful team effort as ever and many thanks to all those involved.

Wished she’d been there
Mrs Stewart-Liberty was very sad that she was unable to attend the Centenary events, especially the Evensong Service. She had been admitted to hospital after a heart alarm and we are pleased to hear that she has now returned home. We wish her a speedy return to good health. She sent her good wishes and thanks on behalf of the late Libertys and Stewart-Libertys for saluting their generous support a hundred years ago. It was very much the kind of thing they would have appreciated. They loved both The Old Church and the New Church.

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