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June 2011
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mass meeting HS2 Update
By Kathryn Gurney

The rollercoaster of HS2 has rumbled on further over the last few weeks. Most recently, the Buryfield in Great Missenden was host to two significant events – the rally and information tent organised by HS2AA and local action groups and the roadshow put on by HS2 Ltd.

Thank you to everyone within the Chiltern Ridges Action Group (CRAG) who helped with each of those events.

On the upside (every cloud and all that!) HS2 Ltd has acknowledged significant mistakes with regard to their figures (some of which undermine the case for HS2 further), opposition to the project grows – with a cross party meeting last week of the RAC Foundation, the Green Party, the Countryside Alliance and Taxpayers’ Alliance all calling for the Government to scrap HS2 – and coverage of the opposition is (so far) positive.

On the downside, the full display of HS2 Ltd which arrived with bells and whistles in Great Missenden last week (albeit manned by people who couldn’t answer the questions asked) demonstrated further the determination of Government to see HS2 through.

consultation What can we do in the face of this determination?
One thing that we can all do is respond to the consultation. There are now information sheets available on why to respond and how to respond, detailed and referenced pieces on the business and environment case and a local impact leaflet.

Copies of all of these were available at the rally and outside the roadshow tent later in the week. Copies will also be available in the Shop – and at the two information mornings that CRAG have booked for 11th June and 2nd July in the Parish Hall. There are also copies available in Great Missenden Library or on the HS2AA website (see below right).

Although there will be further consultations on matters of detail at a later date – and for the route of the proposed line north of Birmingham, this is our only opportunity to respond to the questions of principle. Indeed this is the only opportunity that we have as a nation to respond to the proposal that HS2 be a priority investment project for the country. So this is the time to encourage family and friends up and down the country to respond – and for you to point them in the direction of how to do so. It is simple to do – and we need all the help we can get!

To participate on-line go to or search for HS2 Consultation. Please take a look at the information available to help you respond before doing so.

You can ask for a hard copy questionnaire by calling HS2 Ltd on 0207 944 4908 (some will be available at the information mornings).

For more information visit: or or get in touch with Sally Knowles and come along to the monthly CRAG meeting at the Parish Hall. The consultation ends on 29th July 2011. 
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