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June 2011
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camping Lee Common Scout Group
By Fiona Jones

In early May, Scouts, Cubs and Beavers from 1st Lee Common Scout Group enjoyed a fantastic outdoor activity day at Braid Wood in Asheridge.

Following a bracing hike from Lee Common to Braid Wood through buttercup fields and bluebell woods, the boys enjoyed an action-packed day in the fresh air. Thankfully, the sun shone and the predicted rain held off!
Highlights included a demonstration of axe, saw and penknife skills, orienteering and gutting fresh sardines before cooking them in a Canadian log oven.

The Scouts taught the Cubs and Beavers how to put up hike tents, the Cubs and Beavers having to pay extra-special attention as they were then required to put up the same tents themselves!

The boys cooked their own lunches over open fires. All were so ravenous by 2:00 pm that they wolfed down their delicious mince and vegetable parcels. The pudding was a real treat:  foil-wrapped banana and chocolate, melted in the embers of the fire.

All agreed that this is what good scouting is about – enjoying the outdoors while learning exciting new skills. The boys returned home looking positively rosy-cheeked and, apparently, all slept like logs that night (Scout leaders and helpers included!).

For more information about 1st Lee Common Scout Group, please contact the Group Leader: Chris Nevill on 864881 or

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