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June 2011
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By Joyce Swain

The Lee WI met at the Parish Hall on 10th May. We discussed the Resolutions put forward for the Annual Meeting in Liverpool in May, to which our President, Mrs June Lock, is going.

We voted against planning permission being given for ‘mega farms’, where cows and pigs are kept in massive sheds for all of their lives.

We voted for keeping our libraries open wherever possible.

We were then reminded of the many resolutions in the past which made people listen to our organisation, such as the need for provision of council houses in the early 1920s.

We are holding a Ploughman’s Lunch on 31st May at the Parish Hall. Tickets are £6 – telephone June Pearce on 785191 to reserve one.

We concluded with our usual delicious tea.

Diary date: 14th June 2:00 pm ‘Seeing it my way’ – experiences as a blind person described by Mr Tony Hawkins.

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