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June 2011
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What will it take?
By Reina Free

Because of my daughter Johanna’s job in London I find myself earlier than usual at the cottages in Hunts Green. The sun is rising behind the oak tree at the border of the Arthur Stewart-Liberty Nature Reserve. In the half light I spot a family of three Roe deer; they notice me, they gaze at me but do not run away.

There is little wind; the bluebells are in their prime of beauty; even so some, due to the lack of rain, are already fading as are also the cherry and hawthorn blossom.

The fields of barley and wheat are crying out for rain. The dewponds which were overflowing are now dry. Yet I see the footprints of muntjac or deer in the mud and everywhere is a network of footprints and trails made and used generally during the night by foxes and badgers. Some trails are very old as I see in depth and lack of grass and there are other trails you can hardly see made by small animals such as hares, rabbits, voles, mice and weasels.
Kings Lane itself is a very old trail used by generations of people, in some places as ancient as Grimm’s Ditch.
And now because of an ill conceived and very expensive plan these trails are to be destroyed by the proposed HS2 train.

I ask this question: who is serving who and who will ultimately pay the horrific bill of billions of pounds?

Who will benefit? Bonus-greedy bankers, hedge fund manipulators and speculators?
Not the hard working early morning and late at night commuter or the family on a day trip to London Zoo or the Tower. And the already tax-burdened ordinary British people, they will in the end foot the bill.

What will it take for this Government to start thinking again about the basic principles of true democracy and the overall well being of the people of this country?

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