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June 2011
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With a little help from My friends…
By Gilly Hafner

Absolutely everyone is welcome to this new service for all the family on Sunday 5th June at 5:00 pm (note new time) at St John the Baptist Church in The Lee.

We start with delicious homemade cakes and puddings with tea, coffee and squash and then welcome our guest speaker, Liz Pembroke to speak about her life as a Christian. Liz describes herself as “just an ordinary person” but when you hear of all the extraordinary things she has done to help people who are often unloved and forgotten, living on the streets and even in prison you will be amazed!

As ever, noisy children are seen as a blessing!

Look forward to seeing you – if you have any queries please call Gilly on 837712 or Kathryn on 837016.

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