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June 2011
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Working for a better Chesham
By Colin Sully

There are many good reasons to visit Chesham – the supermarkets, the fruit and vegetable market, handmade chocolates, the hardware and saddlery shops – and probably just as many not to – the flooding, the boarded up shops and pubs, the by-pass, the drugs in the park…

So, perhaps not surprisingly, a new project has recently been launched to try to ‘bring Chesham back to life!’

The ‘Better Chesham Group’ was formed to take the town forward by “improving the services, environment and facilities that the town has to offer.” The group says “Chesham is already a town to be proud of but, in these uncertain times, vigilance is essential to make sure that it retains its unique character and is able to meet the needs of residents and visitors.”

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