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June 2011
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To the Editor:
As a former Clerk of The Lee Parish Council perhaps I could just say a few words in praise of Barnaby Usborne, who stood down as a Councillor last month.

Throughout my five years as Clerk he was unfailingly helpful and supportive (particularly at the beginning when – it can now be revealed – I didn’t really know what I was doing). His willingness to take on various projects on behalf of the Parish Council – including acting as odd-job man on more than one occasion – meant that he was always one of its most active and enthusiastic members.

Most of you will undoubtedly already have had first-hand experience of the Barnaby phenomenon, since he was invariably the first port of call for anyone with a query or a problem and was always the Councillor most likely to be recognised and stopped in the street. Indeed due to his still sizeable collection of other hats, the Shop and Parish Hall chief amongst them, his chances of going about incognito still look slim – but clearly he would not have it any other way.

During his time as Chairman we would get together before the Council meetings to discuss the agenda and after he stood down I came to miss these encounters over a companionable glass of Sauvignon. However all is not lost as he now calls in from time to time to discuss Shop matters with my father – this time over a glass of amontillado sherry.

What a diplomat!
Viv Robins
Lee Common

To the Editor:
I am currently researching the Springfield Mission Hall which was in Potter Row just outside Hunts Green. I understand it was in the house now called The Chalet. If anyone has any information on it, could they please contact me?
Many thanks.
Neil Rees
nwrees AT gmail DOT com
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