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June 2011
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By Jonathan Batten

Summertime and the living is easy – “not so easy” I hear you say. Here we are, in flaming June, and the HS2 consultation deadline is looming ever closer but is there some apathy about?

At the last CRAG meeting fundraising had reached £15,000 – let’s think about this: from 500 households that is an average of £30 per household. Face up to what we are trying to do here: raise money for a fighting fund. Anticipating that some people have donated larger sums that figure looks pathetic. Let’s not faff about: if each household stumped up £200 that would make £100k – a more respectable contribution to the national campaign.

The fundraising effort can’t have escaped your attention so pick up the phone, write that cheque, transfer the money – do it now before it’s too late.

£200 is going to be nothing compared to the effect that HS2 could have on you and your life. Come on ‘peeps’, this is not going to be Thomas the Tank engine chugging through the Chilterns.

The editor for next month’s edition is Peter Archer. Please send your contributions to him by email at or hard copy to Red Lion House, Red Lion Hill by 12th June.
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