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July 2011
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hs2 elephant From the heart
By Reina Free

The name of our house is ‘King’s Ransom’; it is on the corner of King’s Lane, right on the top of Rocky Lane, with the most spectacular view over the fields and hills towards Dunsmore, Great Missenden and beyond. Many people stop and tell me how much they would love to live in our house. And so did Bill and I.

It used to be a small cottage called ‘Tenderten’ in which Mrs Dorrell lived. We saw it for the first time in 1961. Twenty years later we had the opportunity to buy it. Financially and emotionally we ran into very serious problems. First, we could not sell our own house and then had to drastically reduce the price. After all that, we had to take out a bridging loan and treasured possessions had to be sold.

At last ‘King’s Ransom’ was ours and every morning thereafter I have given thanks to God for the beauty of the fields, hills, the rising and setting of the sun, snow, the stillness of misty mornings and starry nights. Somehow, feeling part of it all is special and it is part of my daily life.

But now the Government, advised by Mr Phillip Hammond, is planning to destroy this unique landscape and that beyond for millions of people who work hard, save and go without just to pay the mortgage on houses that have already gone down in value. For most of them there are no highly paid salaries nor tax-paid expenses.

When Mr Cameron, in the Government helicopter, flies over the Chilterns on his way to Chequers, possibly sometimes over my own house, I ask the question, who is serving whom?

What makes me angry most of all – very, very angry – is the injustice. The sheer arrogance of power-intoxicated Mr Phillip Hammond, determined to leave his ego mark for posterity when his government has lost the next election.
At the consultation in Great Missenden and Wendover many questions remained unanswered; e.g. the extent of damage to the aquifer.

Britain is a small island and HS2 does not make any sense at all and the price is rising all the time.
I had better not say what I think should happen – the editor would probably not allow it to be printed! I, for one, would be prepared to go as far as going to jail!

Yet much more serious than HS2 itself and the destruction of our outstanding countryside is the sheer waste of public money. Furthermore, it is the ignoring and overruling of public opinion and the casually pushing aside of previously made promises.

What really matters are the basic rights of decent, hardworking people, for this is still and must remain our country.
So, for a start, fill out the response section of the Consultation Document before 29th July.

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