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July 2011
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ladybirds Leeside nursery
By Joy Heels

‘Growing’ was our topic for three weeks before half term, one week each for plants, mini-beasts and ourselves.

The children set cress and sunflower seeds and learnt what seeds need to make them grow, they counted apples and stuck them on trees and they chose to do apple or potato printing and to make a sewing card of fruit or vegetable.

For the main craft of the week, the children spooned soil mixed with grass seed into cut-up stockings and tied the top. Cotton was then tied round to make the sections of a caterpillar with a pipe cleaner for the antenna. These were taken home and watered; the grass germinated quickly and the children were soon cutting the grass.

Tadpoles were brought in for our mini-beast week and the children learnt about frog spawn, tadpoles and frogs. The life cycle of a butterfly was next; they used finger painting to make the egg on a leaf, then the caterpillar, then the pupas and finally the butterfly.

They drew a spider’s web and put spots on a ladybird and made butterfly cakes; they also painted a stone red to make a paper weight which then had spots put on it and was varnished and given to dads for fathers’ day.

For ‘ourselves’ the children were asked to bring in a photo of when they were babies and one of them now to see how much they have grown. They were told about germs and had a hand-washing chart that was stamped every time they washed their hands.

A model skeleton was shown and bones were talked about, knobbly knee cap, bumpy spine and long ribs etc. and what food they need to eat to make healthy bones to make them grow. They were encouraged to paint a skeleton using black paper and white paint; we had some excellent art work.

Our topic for next half term is ‘seaside’.
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